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Learning Journeys to African countries. For people with entrepreneurial spirit. To get involved and learn. And let the unexpected emerge.

Learning Journey to Silicon Savannah, Nairobi

28/01/2019-31/01/2019, Nairobi, Kenya.Get to know an economically booming Africa. Silicon Savannah, where a huge demand meets a newly networked society. Digital Africa as a starting point for new contacts and future cooperation. We in Europe have not recognized this side of Africa yet – our Learning Journey will change that.

Learning Journey to Silicon Savannah in January 2018

We had been 14 people to visit Nairobi in late January 2018. People from different businesses like the software industry, co-working spaces, event organizers, marketing, and others. Some of us had already an huge experience with African countries, others had non. The four days were each designated to a certain theme …