Category: Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys to African countries. For people with entrepreneurial spirit. To get involved and learn. And let the unexpected emerge.

Learning Journey Digital Rwanda, Kigali

26/08/2019-29/08/2019, Kigali, Rwanda.A digital transformation on a greenfield, closer to people's needs - What we can learn from Digital Africa. Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. Rebuilt after the destructive genocide 25 years ago. Today, it is a pioneer and the scene of a unique digital transformation. - A four-day learning journey.

Learning Journey to Silicon Savannah, Nairobi

24/02/2020-27/02/2020, Nairobi, Kenya.Get to know an economically booming Africa. Silicon Savannah, where a huge demand meets a newly networked society. Digital Africa as a starting point for new contacts and future cooperation. We in Europe have not recognized this side of Africa yet – our Learning Journey will change that.