ECOTEC presents

Keynotes, seminars, workshops, Learning Journeys, missions and other events dealing with the Emerging World, Africa and new ways of agile collaboration

Good Tech Venture Lounge

24/05/2018, Vienna, Austria (Kanzleramt Bar, Schauflergasse 6).The event will gather a selected group of international, purpose-driven investors and executives for an evening of inspiration and networking with a particular focus on the economic development and chances for investments in Africa.

Connecting in Africa – a Workshop

20/06/2018, Vienna, Austria.More and more European companies are looking to African markets. Successful is who understands that a simple roll-out of old concepts is not possible. Through an exchange with practitioners this workshop provides insights in new business models and shows you the importance of agile methods in emerging markets.

Global Innovation Ecosystems

05/06/2018, Vienna, Austria - Weinplateau Südafrika, Tiefer Graben 7, 1010 Vienna.To understand our economies and societies we have to understand the different global innovation ecosystems. This event presents "Global Innovation Expert", a unique program allowing you to dive into innovation cultures in Africa, Europe, Asia and the USA. Innovators, companies and researchers present their cases in on-site 2-day seminars in Cape Town, Vienna, San Francisco, Nairobi, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Global Innovation Expert – Modul Nairobi

18/10/2018-19/10/2018, Nairobi, Kenia.Mobile money, off-grid solar systems and many more innovations are an outcome of a very specific situation: a digital transformation not hampered by vested interests and old technologies. This 2-day seminar provides unique insights into East Africa's innovation ecosystem. Moreover, you will share new insights with participants from Europe, Asia and America. A truly intercultural experience on your way to become a "Global Innovation Expert".

Enable Agility

The agility of an organization is the outcome of an interplay of many factors. AgilityInsights provides a model to visualize these factors. Take it as an important input in order to create more agility within your organization.


Our starting point

The inter-connected global society is the basis for a livable and fulfilling life of the future 9 to 10 billion people on earth. Companies and organizations producing real values are its key elements.

We are convinced that European companies and organizations are capable of decisively contributing to a more humanistic and empathic global society.

We work at the interface with emerging countries

ECOTEC works with agile companies and organizations at the interface with emerging countries.

Agile companies and organizations delight customers and stakeholders, search for opportunities in the digital world, live joint values, communicate on eye-level across organizational boundaries, work iteratively and whenever possible with feedback cycles.

We make collaboration in Emerging Countries work.

Our experiences in the emerging world, our expertise in organizational development and our partnerships with leading European management institutions are our strengths.



About us

Hans Stoisser

Foto: Jürgen Sturany

Hans Stoisser is founder and Managing Partner of ECOTEC with long lasting experiences in emerging countries

His company ECOTEC has since been engaged in upgrading institutional infrastructure projects in Austria, Bulgaria, Palestine, Brazil, South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Cape Verde. Additionally, ECOTEC has supported endeavors by Austrian companies, focused on expanding to Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Angola and Mozambique.

Hans Stoisser is an official partner of Malik Management and provides management trainings in Austria, Brazil, South Africa and Mozambique. He has been CMC® – Certified Management Consultant and Licensed Content Associate Management 3.0.




Johannes Fiedler

Johannes Fiedler, co-founder of ECOTEC, managing partner until 1999.

Doctorate in Architecture and Urban Planning – Technical university of Graz (Austria); Dissertation on “topics of global urbanization”; publications; lecturing activities. As an architect and urban planner he has worked in Brazil, Cape Verde, Lebanon, Mozambique, Palestine, South Africa. More than 30 years of expertise in “global urbanization” has made him to an internationally renown speaker and lecturer.




Partner and Networks

Innovation Orbit

Understand the elements of regional innovation systems. Compare and contrast structures in your training modules and the process of innovation management in Asia, Europe, Africa and the USA. The aim is to increase participants‘ understanding of how the innovation process is organized within an enterprise, a research organization and a regional/national ecosystem within the four regions. Become an expert in global innovation culture.


Agility Insights


ECOTEC partners with Agility Insights, Switzerland, when clients want a thorough, quick diagnostic tool to determine areas for increasing innovation and growth while reducing the risk associated with change.

Agility Insights supports businesses through turbulent times by decoding, designing and developing agile management. It delivers advisory services through Diagnostic Mentoring with a thought provoking measuring tool for organization and management. Within no time and through an online self-assessment, leadership teams decode the unused potential in their organization to set the right direction for its future development. Clients reach peak performance through people-centric leadership with insights on culture, leadership, and systems. Up to 120 metrics explain the story of an organization on how to reach goals for superior success.


Peter Drucker Society Europe

From the beginning on in 2009 we participate in the meanwhile well renown Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna. Hans Stoisser ist Associate to the Peter Drucker Society Europe and contributes to their official blog:

A Quest for a European Humanistic Management Movement

Global Peter Drucker Forum, the top management event in November in Vienna

Peter Drucker Society Europe


Malik Management

ECOTEC is official cooperation partner of Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen. 

With around 300 employees and offices in Vienna, Toronto, London, Berlin and Shanghai, Malik Management in St. Gallen, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik, has been leader in General Management for more than 30 years. Within the group of companies, experts do pioneer work in Management Cybernetics, contributing to a consolidated management theory and an effective management practice.

Leadership in Management – Management for Leadership: Peter F. Drucker describes Fredmund Malik as Europe’s leading Management expert: „the leading analyst of, and expert on, Management in Europe as it has emerged in the last thirty years- and a powerful force in shaping it as a consultant He is a commanding figure – in theory as well as in the practice of Management„.


Management 3.0 – Happy Melly

As licensed Content Associate we contribute to the agile network of  Management 3.0 thinkers and practitioners.

Management 3.0 is a platform gathering agile practices and theories, communicating them and making them available for general management practices.



2010 – 2013 South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique
Effective Management (Pty) Ltd: Training courses in “Management as a Profession”, “Managerial Effectiveness Program”, “Customer Value and Strategy” und consultancy for localen companies and public institutions

4/2010 – 3/2012 Mozambique
Training and applied research for rural water supply & sanitation
Ausbildung und angewandte Forschung für ländliche Wasserversorgung
Projektumfang: 1 000 000 €

1/2009 – 3/2012 Mozambique 
Support to the Water and Sanitation Sector in Sofala
Aufbau ländlicher Wasserversorgungssystem in der Provinz Sofala
Projektumfang: 2 500 000 €

12/2012 – 8/2011 Sub-Sahara Africa
Provision of technical expertise in transport sector data management to the SSATP Technische Unterstützung für transnationale Transportnetze in Sub-Sahara Afrika

3/2008 – 1/2011 Cape Verde
Technical Assistance to Ministry of Land Use and Spatial Planning Technische Unterstützung für das Ministerium für Raumplanung und Landkataster
Projektumfang: 230 000 €

2/2008 – 7/2008 Cape Verde
Technical Assistance Furniture Production Pedra Badejo  Technische Unterstützung für den holzverarbeitenden Sektor in Santa Cruz

9/2007 – 9/2008 Mozambique
Rehabilitation of Basic Infrastructure in selected Districts Rehabilitierung der Infrastrukturen in Distrikten in der Provinz Sofala
Projektumfang: 400 000 €

7/2007 – 12/2010 Cape Verde
Support to the Association of Municipalities in OD and Territorial Planning Organisationsentwicklung für den Gemeindeverband auf Santiago
Projektumfang: 1 200 000 €

2/2007 – 10/2007 Russian Federation
Financial Model, Vodokanal – St. Petersburg Beratung Aufbau Finanzierungsmodell für Stadtwerke Vodokanal – St. Petersburg

12/2006 – 10/2010 South Africa Support to the Development Capacity of the Alfred Nzo Municipality, Eastern Cape Kapazitätsaufbau Bezirkgemeinde Alfred Nzo, Eastern Cape
Projektumfang: 680 000 €

10/2006 – 9/2009 Mozambique
Support to the Development of the District and Municipality of Caia Unterstützung des Bezirks und der Stadt Caia
Projektumfang: 1 100 000 €

1/2006 – 3/2008 Mozambique
Creation of a Facility Center for the District Administration in Búzi Aufbau eines Dienstleistungsanbieters in Buzi

10/2005 – 9/2008 Cape Verde
Integrated Program for the Development of River Basins in Santiago Integriertes Entwicklungsprogramm für das Flusseinzugsgebiet Santiago

4/2003 – 8/2007 Cape Verde
Support to the Gabinete Tecnicos of Santa Catarina, Sao Domingos, S. Miguel, Tarrafal, Santa Cruz and Praia Rural Unterstützung des Technischen Planungsbüros Santa Catarina, Sao Domingos, S. Miguel, Tarrafal, Santa Cruz and Praia Rural

4/2005 – 9/2007 Mozambique
PADM 2 – Support Programme for Districts and Municipalities, part 2 Unterstützungsprogramm für Bezirke und Gemeinden in Sofala, Teil 2
Projektumfang: 2 000 000 €

11/2005 38808 Kenya, Uganda
Investment Promotion, Business Forum and Business Mission Unterstützung Investitionsansiedlung und Wirtschaftsmissionen

1/2005 – 2/2006 South Eastern Europe
Business Partnerships Aufbau und Unterstützung von Unternehmenskoopertaionen

1/2004 – 1/2006 Uganda
Strengthening the BDS Market for Shoe and Leather Good Producers Beratung eines Dienstleistungsanbieters

10/2003 – 03/2005 Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mozambique
Promotion of Austrian Direct Investments in Developing Countries Unterstützung österreichischer Direktinvestitionen

4/2003 – 5/2005 Mozambique
PADM 2 – Support Programme for Districts and Municipalities Unterstützungsprogramm für Bezirke und Gemeinden in Sofala, Teil 1
Projektumfang: 2 000 000 €

4/2003 – 12/2003 Ethiopia, Tanzania
Business Partnership Ethiopia Tanzania Beratung Unternehmen bei Kooperation und Investitionen

9/2002 – 03/2003 Ethiopia, Tanzania
Business Partnership Ethiopia Tanzania Beratung Unternehmen bei Kooperation und Investitionen

1/2001 – 3/2003 Mozambique
Creation of Business Development Services in Búzi, Dondo and Marromeu

1/2001 – 12/2002 Mozambique
Administration of technical centre in Búzi

01/2000 – 08/2002 Uganda
Consultancy and Training for Leather Sector in Uganda

07/1999 – 12/2000 Mozambique
Consultancy to Strengthen Wood Working Sector in Búzi, Dondo and Marromeu

04/1999 – 08/2002 Uganda
Consultancy to Improve Environment for Financial Sector

01/1999 – 12/2002 Mozambique
Implementation of Programme to Support Districts and New Municipalities in Sofala Province

01/1999 – 12/2000 Mozambique
Administration of Technical Centre in Búzi

01/1999 – 11/2000 Bulgaria
Creation of a Leasing Facility

11/1999 – 11/2000 Bulgaria
Creation of a Business-Incubator

04/1998 – 12/1998 Mozambique
Rehabilitation of Technical Centre in Búzi

01/1998 – 08/2000 Mozambique
Implementation of a Micro Credit Programme in Búzi / Sofala

01/1998 – 04/2000 Uganda
Creation of Business Development Services for Leather Sector in Uganda

01/1998 – 12/1998 Nicaragua
Support to Austrian Regional Bureau in Nicaragua

12/1997 – 12/1998 Mozambique
Democratization and Decentralization: Creation of a New Institutional Set-up within the Government of Sofala Province, part 3

09/1997 – 08/1998 Zimbabwe
Consultancy for Programme Extension of Micro Credit Institution Zambuco

08/1997 – 11/2000 Palestine
Consultancy for Execution of Housing Programme and Creation of Housing Funds

07/1997 – 06/1999 Mozambique
Consultancy to Strengthen Wood Working Sector in Búzi

04/1997 – 09/1997 Cape Verde
Feasibility Study for Consultancy Fund in Cape Verde

04/1997 – 03/1998 Mozambique
Consultancy for actions after the flooding in Búzi and Marromeu

01/1997 – 05/1998 Mozambique
Democratization and Decentralization: Creation of a New Institutional Set-up within the Government of Sofala Province, part 2

11/1996 – 05/1998 Uganda
General promotion of Micro Credit Programmes in Uganda

10/1996 – 01/1997 Nicaragua
Elaboration of Country Programmes for Latin America

01/1996 – 05/1997 Mozambique
Promotion of Trade in the District of Búzi

01/1996 – 12/1997 Nicaragua
Support to Austrian Regional Bureau in Nicaragua

01/1995 – 12/1997 Austria
Elaboration of the Sector Programme “Environmental Protection” for the Austrian Development Cooperation

01/1995 – 12/1997 Cape Verde
Setting-up the Institutional Infrastructure for the Electricity and Water Supply of Pedra Badejo

01/1995 – 12/1995 Cape Verde
Consultancy to specific enterprises in Santa Cruz

12/1994 – 05/1996 Mozambique
Democratization and Decentralization: Creation of a New Institutional Set-up within the Government of Sofala Province, part 1

02/1994 – 03/1995 Cape Verde
Consultancy to the Municipality of Santa Cruz

12/1993 – 12/1997 Zimbabwe
Financing of Micro Credit Institution Zambuco

12/1993 – 03/1997 Cape Verde
Promotion of SME in Santa Cruz

01/1993 – 06/1995 Cape Verde
Setting-up the Institutional Infrastructure for the Regional Development Plan of Santa Cruz

01/1993 – 09/1993 Cape Verde
Up-grading of Water Supply of Pedra Badejo

01/1993 – 12/1995 Cape Verde
Setting-up a Technical Planning Office for the Municipality of Santa Cruz

05/1992 – 12/1995 Cape Verde
Consultancy to the Municipality of Santa Cruz


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