We support European companies wanting to gain a foothold in East Africa.

Our Service

You start a business in an African country. We take over the communication with potential partners and customers in the initial phase. In doing so, we involve you and your team in a hundred percent transparent manner.

Our History

ECOTEC was founded in 1992 by the economist Hans Stoisser and the architect Johannes Fiedler. The idea was to bring together economics (Eco-) and technology (-tec) expertise and to work as a company for the development cooperation in – by that time – far away African countries. Later, ECOTEC was active for many years in Management Consultancy and Education with the Management Zentrum St. Gallen in Southern Africa. As early as 2005, ECOTEC began to accompany European companies in their engagement in African countries.

Learning Journeys and Other Events

ECOTEC empowers NextAfrica in organizing Learning Journeys and other events. Please visit NextAfrica:


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