8th July 2020, 16-18.15 CEST:

Online-Workshop Part 3:
Disrupt Collaboration – How agile approaches will shape our future

“Earth spins at 1670 km/h. The digital world spins faster, driven by agile teams all across the globe.

Michael Lausegger

Digitization and globalization lead to a big transformation that shapes Africa and Europe at the same time, but differently. In African countries, an absence of technology lock-ins and less vested interests allow innovative solutions closer to human needs. And while Europe talks about its new Entrepreneurial Society and the need for agile mind-sets, African societies have shown great potentials for entrepreneurship and agility.

The pandemic has shown us a huge need to go for a new mix of online/offline, physical presence/virtual exchange, face-to-face work/remote teams.

Hence, with this online-workshop series, we are looking for new forms of collaboration and new business models.

Why this Online-Workshop?

To get quick and profound insights into new approaches of African-European collaboration through direct interaction with local players.

During this master class we

  • put in context existing approaches of African- European collaboration with
  • agile practices of management
  • and the pandemic-driven need for changing our business models

This 2-hour master class is moderated by Maryanne Akoth and Hans Stoisser, both co-founders of NextAfrica. We will directly broadcast from Vienna and Nairobi.

Who is attending?

  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in African markets
  • Entrepreneurs who are already active on the continent but are still looking for new business models and opportunities
  • People who are interested and wonder what a future-oriented African-European collaboration could look like.


8th July 2020, 16-18.15 CEST

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agile Africa

Welcome and introduction by
Maryanne Akoth and Hans Stoisser, Co-Founders NextAfrica


The Age of “Agile” – What does it mean for African-European collaboration?

An introduction to the concept and a discussion on its relevance for African-European collaboration


The difference between Andela and Code of Africa – two different approaches for the same purpose?

Both sell remote IT engineering teams from Africa to other continents, one started with high expectations powered by American venture capital, the other builds on organic growth.

New approaches for African-European collaboration?

A panel discussion with high ranking officials, managers and actors from East Africa and Europe

agile Africa

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How much?

With these events, we want to bring together purpose-driven organizations from Europe and Africa to collaborate and co-create.

The price for one part of this Online-Workshop series is EUR 120,– plus 20% VAT.
The price for all three parts of this Online-Workshop series is EUR 200,– plus 20% VAT.

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