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Keynotes, seminars, workshops, Learning Journeys, missions and other events dealing with the Emerging World, Africa and new ways of agile collaboration

Learning Journey to Silicon Savannah, Nairobi

28/01/2019-31/01/2019, Nairobi, Kenya.Get to know an economically booming Africa. Silicon Savannah, where a huge demand meets a newly networked society. Digital Africa as a starting point for new contacts and future cooperation. We in Europe have not recognized this side of Africa yet – our Learning Journey will change that.

Networking in Africa – a Workshop

26/02/2019, Vienna, Austria.More and more European companies are expanding to Africa. Successful is who knows how to adapt and go new ways. Through an exchange with practitioners this workshop provides insights in new business models and shows you the importance of agile methods in emerging markets.

Global Innovation Expert – Modul Nairobi

09/05/2019-10/05/2019, Nairobi, Kenia.Mobile money, off-grid solar systems and many more innovations are an outcome of a very specific situation: a digital transformation not hampered by vested interests and old technologies. This 2-day seminar provides unique insights into East Africa's innovation ecosystem. Moreover, you will share new insights with participants from Europe, Asia and America. A truly intercultural experience on your way to become a "Global Innovation Expert".

Enable Agility

The agility of an organization is the outcome of an interplay of many factors. AgilityInsights provides a model to visualize these factors. Take it as an important input in order to create more agility within your organization.