24/06/2020, 01/07/2020, 08/07/2020, Webinar

This three-part online-workshop provides quick and profound insights into East Africa's business opportunities through direct interaction with local players.

Online-Workshop series:
Doing Business in Africa

The pandemic has shown us a huge need for change. While some are calling for disengagement and de-globalisation, we believe that the future of African-European relations lies in increased exchange, based on resilient and sustainable networks.

This also means we need a new mix of online/offline, physical presence/virtual exchange, face-to-face work/remote teams.

Hence, with this online-workshop series we are looking for new forms of collaboration and new business models.

Why this Online-Workshop series?

To get quick and profound insights into East Africa’s business opportunities through direct interaction with local players.

More in detail, the overall purpose of this series is to …

  • … get introduced to a variety of new business models shaping collaboration with African countries
  • … learn about new business opportunities
  • … get hands-on local contacts and
  • … at the same time get introduced to modern agile collaboration concepts

Who is attending?

  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in African markets
  • Entrepreneurs who are already active on the continent but are still looking for new business models and opportunities
  • People who are interested and wonder what a future-oriented African-European collaboration could look like.

An Online-Workshop series in three parts

In the first session, we will start in Rwanda, showing the big opportunities in this small country. Second, we connect to Silicon Savannah in Nairobi/Kenya, East Africa’s digital hotspot. Third, we will connect to both countries again and discuss new approaches for African-European collaboration:

How much?

With these events, we want to bring together purpose-driven organizations from Europe and Africa to collaborate and co-create.

The price for one part of this Online-Workshop series is EUR 120,– plus 20% VAT.
The price for all three parts of this Online-Workshop series is EUR 200,– plus 20% VAT.

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