Collaboration with Africa in the new normality – a webinar

Doing Business in Africa – part 3:
Collaboration in the new normality

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Doing Business in Africa, part 3:
Collaboration in the new normality

Wednesday, May 13th, 10-11.30 CEST

Participation is free

This is the third webinar organized by corporAID and NextAfrica.

Africa rising has been a story of ever-increasing interlinkages of African countries with the global economy. At present, however, this economic integration has been put on hold or even reversed as global supply chains are disrupted, borders are closed and curfews are imposed. As a result, African economies have been and will continue to be severely affected by the impact of the pandemic.

However, once the global economic freeze comes to an end, a new normality will emerge.

At this web-event two highly renown business leaders will come together. A Kenyan investment expert and an Austrian business leader will share their views on future economic development in selected African markets and on how to rethink economic collaboration between Africa and Europe.


WelcomeBernhard Weber, Managing Director ICEP
Introduction and moderationHans Stoisser, co-founder NextAfrica
KeynotesGeoffrey Gangla, CEO, Genghis Capital, Nairobi, Kenya:

Andreas J. Ludwig, Executive Chairman, Umdasch Group AG, Austria
Questions & answers,
Polls, chat between participants
– What investments will shape the future?  
– Will the degree of interconnectedness and linkages to global value chains continue to increase? 
– Will African economies bounce back before the Western economies do? 
– What will be the areas of Africa’s real economy where we can expect a surge in the demand?  
– Will more economic activity be shifted to the digital space?  
– What are potentials for African – European cooperation? 

Geoffrey Gangla, CEO at Genghis Capital Limited, Nairobi, Kenya.
Mr. Gangla has extensive experience in Mergers and Acquisitions having worked on a number of landmark cross-border M&A and financing deals involving businesses with operations in more than 30 African countries.
Genghis Capital is an innovative and customer-focused investment solutions provider


Andreas J. Ludwig, Executive Chairman, Umdasch Group AG, Austria.
Mr. Ludwig has headed Umdasch Group since 2010. The international group includes the formwork specialist Doka, Umdasch The Store Makers and Doka Ventures. With about 8,000 employees and over 170 sales and logistics facilities on 5 continents, the group is considered one of Europe’s Hidden Champions in the real economy

Hans Stoisser
photo: Jürgen Sturany

Hans Stoisser, based in Vienna, Austria, is co-founder of NextAfrica. For many years he has been working in different roles and positions in African countries. He blogs at

This will be our third webinar in a row. Have a look at part 1 – Connecting with African startups and part 2- Managing the new VUCA world

corporAID and NextAfrica have launched their new web-multilogue series Doing Business in Africa:

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