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People who participated at the Learning Journey in January 2018:

“I’ve been touring the world’s Innovation Hot Spots for many years. The Silicon Savannah Journey was the best I’ve experienced so far. There are few regions that are so diverse and have such an enormous potential. Experiencing the innovative power of digital Africa has touched me deeply.”
Stephan Grabmeier, Chief Innovation Officer, Kienbaum und Partner GmbH – Kienbaum Consultants International

“I only knew the promoted program and that was already very good. But the reality then has exceeded my expectations many times! Best Learning Journey ever – strong impact on my life.
Bernhard Hoetzl, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of kompany.com, Managing Partner of funkensprung.com

Enhancement of knowledge, fascinating ideas, exciting travel colleagues, start of new ideas ….
Roland Tscheinig, CEO, OBJENTIS Software Integration GmbH

September 24th to 27th, 2018

Learning from digital Africa –

To most of Europe, Africa still means crises, catastrophes and wars, so we have not recognized that Africa’s businesses are booming. Our Learning Journey to Silicon Savannah will change that.

Too few of us are aware of the high economic growth rates of African countries and their pioneering solutions. Africa is the first “mobile-only” continent. 60 % of its 1.2 billion population are owning a mobile phone which gives them access to their bank accounts, acts as a credit card, provides them with medical advice, gives them market information and a platform to sell what they produce – generally it is a tool to earn a living.

African countries have simply by-passed the stage of fixed-line telecommunication, a banking system with only physical outlets and access to the internet only via desktop computers in their economic development. Can you imagine the ingenuity and power of innovation that has been released without Basel III und Solvency II restrictions?

Our program has been set-up in collaboration with LivingLab, a new-generation African think-tank. We show you what one of digital Africa’s hotspots has to offer. We will visit companies such as M-Pesa and hotspot-institutions as iHub or Gearbox. And we will meet local CEOs and other important decision makers. Additionally, we have also arranged visits to important spots of the city and a safari in Nairobi National Park.


Monday, September 24th, to Thursday, September 27th, 2018:

Day 1
“Silicon Savannah: A new Africa breaks free”
Lectures and Talks from Nairobi business people and government officials
Future Tech Investment in Kenya
Field visit to successful Start-ups
Day 2
“Mobile phone and mobile money – access to communication and the money economy ”
Safaricom/M-Pesa, world market leader in “mobile money”
Nairobi’s first open-access makers space
Nairobi’s co-working spaces
“Digital transformation in Africa”
Day 3
Trajectory of the middle class”
Strathmore Business School
“21st century entrepreneurship: a huge demand meets a networked society”
Local tour to Kibera, Nairobi’s biggest informal settlementNairobi National Park Game Drive
Day 4
German companies in Kenya
Field visit to Eastleigh, “Little Mogadishu in Nairobi”
China in Africa
Synthesis: “New African-European relations: Co-Creation”

optionally: Book a 2-day Safari to one of Kenya’s famous National Parks on Friday and Saturday.

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Who should join us on the Learning Journey?

1. CEOs, CIOs.
2. Business angels und incubators.
3. Decision makers in the fields of politics, business, technology, development cooperation and migration.


What will you get from it?

You will have got …

… a new perspective of digital Africa,
… insights into the techno-economic environment of Kenya and Eastern Africa,
… an awareness of how the digital revolution can meet the needs of people,
… ideas on how to access new markets,
… a sense of what the next global “big thing” could be,
… an understanding of smart approaches to African-European relations.


When and how much?

Individual arrival in Nairobi on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018
Start: Monday,  September 24th, at 9am
End:  Thursday, September 27th, at 6pm.

Program fee is EUR 3.400,– plus 20% VAT
Early bird booking before March 31st: EUR 2.900,– plus 20% VAT

The fee includes a program of lectures, company and field visits, a 4-night stay in a 4-star hotel in Nairobi, a city tour and a game drive in Nairobi’s National Park. Travel to and from Nairobi is not included.
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Who are the organizers?

Hans Stoisser (author of “The Black Tiger – what we can learn from Africa“) and Karin Krobath have joined forces to create this program. They have two things in common: They are both management consultants and both are passionate about African countries. Hans brings his expertise as a Malik-Associate and extensive experience in African countries. Karin brings her passion for brand positioning, innovation culture and empowerment together with honorary board functions for Light for the World.


ECOTEC makes collaboration in Emerging Countries work.
We bring together many years of working experiences with companies and organizations at the interface with emerging countries, top management expertise and partnerships with leading European management institutions.


IdentitäterIDENTITÄTER specializes on Employer Branding and Corporate Culture. Clarity on brands and strategy and focus on innovations are essential.



The Living Lab at the University of Nairobi is a co-creative space for researchers and experts who have a common interest in sustainable urban change.


Our partners are:

SUCCUS | Conferences organizes premium B2B-events in Germany und Austria. The focus is always on innovation and how to make change happen.

KienbaumPEOPLE make companies succeed.
That is why Kienbaum puts people first in all of its consulting services.



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For more information

You are welcome to contact us:

Hans Stoisser, hans.stoisser@ecotec.at, +43 676 9200200
Karin Krobath, karin.krobath@identitaeter.at, +43 699 1077 6611

Report from the Learning Journey in January 2018

Report - Learning Journey Silicon Savannah January 2018