Global Innovation Expert – Modul Nairobi

09/05/2019-10/05/2019, 9am to 5pm, Nairobi, Kenia

Mobile money, off-grid solar systems and many more innovations are an outcome of a very specific situation: a digital transformation not hampered by vested interests and old technologies. This 2-day seminar provides unique insights into East Africa's innovation ecosystem. Moreover, you will share new insights with participants from Europe, Asia and America. A truly intercultural experience on your way to become a "Global Innovation Expert".

May 9/10, 2019, in Nairobi/Kenya

Learning from digital Afrika

The first African world market leader is based in Nairobi and has created a global standard for online-banking. More than one million rural households in Eastern Africa own a solar power system which is connected to the mobile phone network.

M-Pesa, a branch from the telecom provider Safaricom, has created “mobile money”. The company relies on the large number of poor households as customers. With small amounts and a very quick movement of money, the local economy is boosted.

Small “off-grid solar systems” are not connected to the electric grid, but to the mobile phone network. Rural households buy these system on credit and pay back their loans with mobile money. 

The digital transformation is taking a different turn in African countries. Less vested interests and less old technology allow innovation to be done much more direct and closer to human needs.

The two-day seminar Global Innovation Expert in Nairobi introduces you to the African innovation ecosystem in Nairobi.


Global Innovation Expert

Global Innovation Expert is an international executive education program focusing on innovation management. Two-day seminars are taking place in Vienna, San Francisco, Shanghai, Nairobi and Cape Town, presenting the different innovation cultures from Europe, the US, China and Africa. The Global Innovation Expert’s partner universities are Wirtschaftsuniversität Vienna, Berkeley University of California and Shanghai University.


Modul Nairobi

In Nairobi we show you …

  • How mobile money has created access to the financial economy for some hundred millions of people
  • How the local innovation ecosystem is changing the Kenyan economy
  • How smart software solutions can compensate missing hardware infrastructure
  • How non-existing public regulations can act as enabler of social innovations
  • That some specific African countries have become hotspots for world changing innovations.



(as of August 2018)

Thursday, May 9th, 2019

Kenya’s Innovation Culture – an appropriation of digitalBitange Ndemo
Understanding the Kenyan mobile user: Peculiar Kenyans who stress the limits of mobile. Monetary Mobile culture (The MPesa way).Safaricom
Open Data and growing Fintech for the un-creditworthyHilda Moraa (tbc)
AFTERRNOONHardware for a digital revolution: Examples from a makers spaceKamau Gachigi (tbc)
Data as a source for wealth creation – open data initiatives in Kenya and SomaliaLinet Kwamboka
Panel session: “Policy and culture: Is academic research still vital in the salient innovation ecosystem in Nairobi? Why invest money here?”KENIA (Kenya National Innovation Agency)/UoN, IBM Research, Safaricom Innovation, China News agency  (tbc)
EVENINGSpecial Dinner

Friday, May 10th, 2019

 MORNINGIntroductionAmollo Ambole/ LivingLab
Digital knowledge for global relevanceAndela
Design Thinking workshop:
How might we scale tech education with the talented youth from informal settlements in Nairobi?
Amollo Ambole
What is?
Tunapanda (interview students), and youth FM station (interview non-students, meet young people there.)
Eneza presentation
What wows? – session by Living LabAmollo Ambole, Maryanne Akoth
Group work
What works? – session by LivingLabAmollo Ambole, Maryanne Akoth
Group work
Synthesis Design Thinking WorkshopAmollo Ambole, Maryanne Akoth
Closing Ceremony

optional: Sat/Sun, May 9th/10th 2019

Nairobi National Park
National Museum
Kenyan Cuisine 7 Course Culinary Journey
Optional 2:SAFARI
2-day Safari to one of Kenya’s famous National Parks

List of Speakers GIE Cape Town

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Who should join the seminar?

Participants come from the private and the public sector, being entrepreneurs and managers responsible for innovation strategies, executives from research institutions, and other persons in leadership positions who are interested in different management cultures.


What will you get from it?

You get to know the different innovation cultures and ecosystems of the most important world regions in a uniquely compact program. You learn how specific cultural factors enable or hinder innovations and change.


When and how much?

May 9/10, 2019 in Nairobi/Kenia

EUR 2.000,– plus 20% VAT.
early bird until January 31, 2019: 1.800 plus 20% VAT

The price includes the full program, seminar materials, an evening event, an on-site visit. Not included: flight, hotel.



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Interested? More information?

You are welcome to contact us:

Hans Stoisser,, +43 676 9200200
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„Disruptive innovations originate in low-end or new-market footholds.“ (Clayton M. Christensen, in: What Is Disruptive Innovation?, HBR 2015)