What is an “agile” company or organization?

An organization which gets stronger when confronted with increasing turbulences!

Although people in such organizations act differently, in a certain way they follow the same specific principles. They keep their customers in the center of attention. They base their actions on values that will grow the company and the accompanying ecosystem. They act iteratively with direct feedback from customers and stakeholders.

Agile organizations succeed in using its full potential.


Can you enable agility?

Of course, no bottom exists to switch on agility.Agility is an emergent property. It is the outcome of an interplay of many factors.

However, you can assess the operation mode of your organization and gain insights on the organization’s potential and agility.



ECOTEC partners with AgilityInsights when clients want a thorough, quick diagnostic tool to determine areas for increasing innovation and growth while reducing the risk associated with change.

AgilityInsights delivers management services through Diagnostic Business Mentoring with a thought provoking measurement tool for management. Within no time and through an online self-assessment, leadership teams decode the unused potential in their organization to set the right direction for its future development. Clients reach peak performance through people-centric leadership with insights on culture, leadership, and systems.

Up to 120 metrics explain the story of an organization on how to reach goals for superior success.


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How agile is your organization? – A first quick assessment