Business in Africa – a one-day seminar

16/10/2019, or 14.1.2020, 9am to 5pm, Wien (BENE IDEA LAB)

More and more European companies are moving to African countries. Get to know new business models and agile methods. Learn about particularities and key success factors in a compact 1-day seminar.

Business in Africa

How to access African markets with new business models and agile methods

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More and more European companies are moving to Africa. Successful will be those who know how to be innovative, adapt to local circumstances and are aware of cultural differences.

Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Senegal and at least a dozen other countries on the African continent offer great opportunities for expanding a business. New African markets are emerging, and in almost all areas of daily life, an increasing purchasing power transforms huge needs into a dynamically growing demand.

In Africa, globalization and digitalization are happening on a greenfield. A digital transformation with different innovations takes place. Fewer old technologies and less vested interests allow new solutions to emerge, closer to human needs. New patterns of African contributions to the globalized world are emerging. The emerging middle class is doubling or tripling within the next 15 years – unleashing further self-enforcing dynamics and new highlights.

After this seminar you have …

  • … got to know successful approaches on how to enter African markets,
  • … dealt with new business models that refer to specific situations in African countries,
  • … thought through and discussed some of the most important success factors in the implementation,
  • … become aware of the biggest obstacles to success,
  • … have learned to understand that effective communication is a prerequisite for success on the African continent, and
  • … got to know some important practical case studies.

In addition, you have examined and rethought the background of the social and economic changes in African countries.

For whom is the seminar?

    • entrepreneurs and executives who are interested in Africa
    • people who intend working or doing business with African companies
    • executives of institutions that work with African organizations
    • Start-ups who want to expand into African markets

What other people say

Hatte wenig Vorwissen zu Afrika, jetzt fühle ich mich als Kenner der Materie” – Patrik Inzinger, CEO und Gründer, appointmed.

Sehr interaktiv, sehr gute Gruppe. Für mich wirklich Spitze” – Francisca Caldentey-Pozo, Abteilungsleiterin, Advanced Technologies Austria.

Der Workshop bot für mich viele interessante Inputs und Beispiele dafür, wie wirtschaftliche Beziehungen von europäischen Unternehmen mit afrikanischen Ländern gelingen und für beide Seiten profitabel sein können. Freu mich schon auf eine Fortsetzung!”
Dr. Martina Kainz, Generalsekretärin

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In Afrika agil vernetzen



Session 1: New Chances in new Markets

Africa is not Africa. There are huge differences between countries – an overview. An increasing middle class and a still growing population are an anchor for business activities. With huge new business opportunities for European companies.

Session 2: Particularities and Constants in African Markets

You will find a different demand, a different digital transformation, different infrastructures. And, of course, much less predictability of legal decisions. Why a „risk first“ approach despite that will not be successful and why the „constants“ – the things that do not change – are so important.

Session 3: Africa – Stereotypes and Reality

What should you take care of when doing business in African countries? What do you have to consider, when working for public institutions? Communication that considers cultural aspects as a key to success.

Expert input: A European Manager leads a hospital in a rural part of Africa
How do public organizations function in rural parts of Africa? What are the differences compared to our organizations? What are the similarities? What to take care of when managing such an organization as a European?

Session 4: Setting up Business Models differently

Functioning business models for African markets. What do you have to take care of? How can agile methods support your endeavours? Three practical examples and the most important success factors.  How to set up a successful strategy for Africa.


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Experts and Facilitators

Hans Stoisser

Management expert with long time experiences in Europe, Brazil and also in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Mozambique and other African countries. His book “The Black Tiger – What We Can Learn From Africa” ​​shows the vital, dynamic and economically developing Africa and the opportunities that come with it.


Andrea Steffal

She worked five years as director for administration and finances in a regional hospital in Gabon for the company Vamed Management & Service. Today she is the owner of Diboty Consulting, a company that prepares expats for their assignments in Sub-Saharan Africa.

When and where?

First seminar: Wednesday, 16th Oktober 2019, 9am to 5pm
Second seminar: Tuesday, 14th January 2020, 9am to 5pm

in Vienna:
Neutorgasse 4-8
1010 Vienna

Access: U2/U4 Station Schottenring


Seminar fee:

EUR 590,- plus 20% VAT
EUR 490,- plus 20% VAT for early birds up to 31 July 2019

Catering and (digital) seminar materials are included.

Apply here:

16 October 201914 January 2020


For further questions:

Hans Stoisser, +43 676 9200200

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